UP Design was established in Moncalieri, in the province of Turin, in 2010, with a focus on creating, designing and evolved engineering. UP Design is a centre of excellence bringing together the skills of Italian and international designers. After the presentation of Go, the first showcar, in Shanghai in 2011, and of the concept car Vittoria at the 2012 Qatar Show, UP Design presented the Lucrezia Quattrocoupé sports car at the National Automobile Museum in Turin in 2014. In 2015, the fast, high-performing Mole – vehicle 001 created by UP Design and made entirely in the Umberto Palermo Workshop, was introduced at the first edition of the Parco Valentino – Car Show. The car anticipated a mini-series of hand-crafted, customised models. Luce and Valentino, the two models designed by UP Design in 2016, will be presented in world preview on June 8 at the Parco Valentino – Car Show. The new Mole Automobiles logo will be making its début on the front and rear grilles of the two cars.



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